Friday Forum – Snack Attack

1] Which snack foods do you enjoy the most? Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks [or both]?
It depends on my craving. I love to snack so my list is long:
M&M’s, Snickers, Fritos, Apples and Caramel, Necco candy, Hershey Kisses, Doritoes, popcorn, chips, granola bars, cereal, peanut butters and crackers, ETC

2] Do you tend to snack most often during a particular time of day, such as mid-morning or late at night?
I snack all the time (bad, I know!)

3] Have you been craving any snacks in particular lately? Like what?
Lately, Neccos because we got some at WalMart and bought some. I have had to retrain myself from attacking the entire bag!

4] Would you rather snack on chocolate or candy? [In other words, are you a chocolate or a candy person?]
CHOC – O – LATE!!! I’m a major Choco-holic!

5] Do you crave any snacks that others might think are strange? Like what? Did you invent this snack yourself, and how did it come about?
Hmmmmmm….let me think on that one!

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