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See my red hair turn gray, Part 2

This weekend only proved to continue the saga of my kids seeing how far they could go. Yesterday TV Boy asked to go with the our neighbors to the park behind our house. I said that was fine. About 30 … Continue reading

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See my red hair turn gray

I’m scared to look at my hair closely, because I think my kids are driving me towards a head FULL of gray hair! Monkey Boy has been climbing out of his carseat. He pulls the clasp down and works his … Continue reading

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Crystal Clear

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My new favorite song…

My husband found this video as he is getting pumped for the new Weird Al CD that comes out soon. Yes, I’m quite embarrassed to say my family and I are big Weird Al fans and I’ve even been to … Continue reading

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Proof my child watches too much TV

One night Mr. Mag and I were deciding what to eat. He suggested that we get something from Subway. TV Boy replied by saying, “Eat fresh!” Mr. Mag and I looked at each other and cracked up. tags: subway, kids … Continue reading

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Didn’t you know?

I’m a super hero. Everytime my eight year old sees my computer on a page that says “Magnolia Mom” he says “Mag-NOL-ya Mom” the super hero. I seriously need to record him saying it, because just telling you this doesn’t … Continue reading

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Cool Stuff

Cool stuff from Stump the Rach, another part of Rachael Ray’s show that I love! Bra baby Ice Cream Lock tags: tv, talkshow, rachael ray

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I knew I loved…

Rachael Ray, but now that I’ve watched 4 episodes of Rachael Ray Talkshow in a row (catching up from this week) I love her even more!! I know people either love her or hate her, and well I’m one who … Continue reading

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Over on Lifehacker, I discovered Tabblo. It seems to be similar to Flickr, but you make these neat collages! Here’s what Lifehacker said. See an example of what you can do on my post below. Hope everyone has a gr8 … Continue reading

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Auburn LSU Weekend

See my Tabblo> tags: tabblo, auburn lsu pep rally

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Sad news

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything blogged about much by so many people at one time. The Croc Hunter has died. Like someone else said, at least he died doing what he loved. RIP tags: croc hunter, stingray, death … Continue reading

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War Eagle!!

Football season starts around here! Although, we don’t have tickets this season it doesn’t mean we’re not pumped and ready for a great season. We’re headed to campus today to tailgate and celebrate. Beat the Cougars!! tags: auburn university, football, … Continue reading

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