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because I don’t want to forget….

On the way to take Monkey from school to Rob’s work, he said, “Today I accidently had a great example of cause and effect.” The cause was I spilled some chocolate milk on me. The effect was I smelled like … Continue reading

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Funny things my kids say…

While discussing the fact we’ll get to eat lobster on the cruise, Teenager says, “I’m not sure I like crustaceans!” I laughed for 5 minutes straight after that. Source: via MagnoliaMom on Pinterest

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Kid Quote of the Day #1

“Mom, your foot is squooshy.”

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Didn’t you know?

I’m a super hero. Everytime my eight year old sees my computer on a page that says “Magnolia Mom” he says “Mag-NOL-ya Mom” the super hero. I seriously need to record him saying it, because just telling you this doesn’t … Continue reading

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