123/365.2011 {I must love these lil’ flowers.}


Yah, another flower picture. I took Daisy for a walk, and brought my camera hoping to get some shots. I found it to be difficult to work on her obedience training while taking pictures. So I managed to get this shot, at least. Daisy’s doing well with her obedience considering we have not made it a daily habit to work with her on it.

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3 Responses to 123/365.2011 {I must love these lil’ flowers.}

  1. Kristal says:

    What are you trying to teach Daisy?

    Nice flower!

  2. Tracy says:

    Pretty flower. Obedience with walking?

  3. Magnolia Mom says:

    Yes, she was absolutely wearing us out when we would walk her. It was like she was walking us. 🙂 We’re just working with her to stop pulling on the leash, to stay to our left, not stop to smell every 5 steps. We usually walk her to the field next to the school, where we let her off leash. She’s learning that’s her “reward” time where she can smell and run. She’s doing well with that too for the most part.

    My husband did obedience with his first Corgi, so he’s accustomed to training and he’s taught us what to do.

    Another subject, Tracy, did yall notice her serious “herding” tendencies? It’s so funny, but really cool to see.

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