12/365.2011 {Dozing Daisy::Feeling More & More at Home}

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3 Responses to 12/365.2011 {Dozing Daisy::Feeling More & More at Home}

  1. Tracy says:

    First I am laughing because…that bed is just like the one she had her whole puppyhood until she grew out of it. Secondly, Her crate stayed in out great room, she loves her crate and she will go in it on her own all through out the day (no beds, towels or blankets because she didn’t like them in there and would chew them to pieces if we did!).

    And 10pm is her bedtime and she will put herself to bed! Goes right in and stretches out. We would walk by and close the door and say good night…she would peep open one eye, like “back at ya!”.

  2. Magnolia Mom says:

    I was so curious to see what you would say in response to this. You know, I hesitated to put that bed out because I knew Rosie barely fit it in, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it. It would give her a “spot” in the living room, which I know always made Rosie happy. The bed in the crate is more for my and Rob’s good than hers (noisy nails). 🙂 I knew we were changing her routines, but she’s adjusted so well. Did she get in the bed with yall? Because she acts like that is where she totally belongs. LOL

  3. Candi says:

    She’s definitely photogenic…it might be because her 1st mom was a photographer 🙂
    .-= Candi´s last blog ..2011365-12 =-.

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