159.365 {Baby Bird}

Today after finishing working on the yard, I was outside while my Brother-in-law was grilling out. Earlier that day I was sitting on the bench and had had a bird fly to the little tree behind me. While I was sitting out there with him, it happened again. It made me wander if there was a nest. He peered over and this is what we saw. 1 hatched baby and 2 unhatched. You see, this tree was one that was trimmed with all the yard work we were doing. We wondered if something happened and this bird had to hatch prematurely or if it was normal for egg to hatch before the others. Will keep an eye on it to see when the other birds hatch…

159.365 {Baby Bird}

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  1. Kristal says:

    If it’s a robin, they do hatch at different days as they only lay one egg at a time.

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