221/365.2011 {Back to school Teacher Gift}

Back to school Teacher Gift
This is a little something I threw together for Monkey’s teacher for the 1st day of school. Since I was a teacher in my previous life, I know how nice it is just to get a little something from your students any day of the week. For this you need:
1 clear cup
24 count crayons
bag of mini-individually wrapped candy bars
post-it notes
plastic wrap

So basically what I did was got a piece of clear packing tape and lined the crayons on it. The size of the cup will determine how many crayons you need. After getting enough crayons, I taped the ends together and slid it down in the bottom of the cup. Then, quickly filling the middle with candy and post-it notes. The picture above was taken after it was completely full. After that I put plastic wrap on the top with a ribbon to ensure it didn’t spill out.

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