31 Days of Must Read Cookbooks {Day 14}

31 Days Of Must Read Cookbooks

I’m taking part in the 31 days challenge this year. As a collector of great cookbooks, I decided to share 31 must read cookbooks. Some of these books will be books that are part of my collection that I have found useful through the years, while others are books I come across in the library.

Italian kitchen (World cook's collection)

Italian kitchen (World cook’s collection) is the book I’m recommending today. This book covers many aspects of Italian ingredients as well as the Italian Cuisine. There are over 100 Italian recipes from many different parts of Italy. However, it does NOT include the homemade pasta that has been passed down in Rob’s family called Covatels or Cavatelli. *bummer*

Italian kitchen (World cook's collection)

Here’s an example of the step by step instructions with pictures to illustrate certain techniques.

Italian kitchen (World cook's collection)

There are many recipes/techniques I want to try from this book, but these Ladies Kisses look pretty easy and very tasty!
Italian kitchen (World cook's collection)

Italian kitchen (World cook's collection)

This book is a must read cookbook because it really is a great resource to learn about the variety of ingredients in Italian cooking as well as tons of amazing recipes.

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