40/365.2011 {“We Love Cam”}

We Love Cam

Yes, it’s another Auburn Football related post, but you know winning the National Championship is something most fans don’t get to see their Alma Mater do in a lifetime. I took these 2 pictures today while Rob and I went to meet some friends downtown for lunch. Living in the college town and working at the university just makes it that much more enjoyable. I drive through down town at least once a day on my way to work and had seen the valentine hearts that said “We Love Cam” and then later realized the entire window display was dedicated to him. I love seeing little daily reminders of the success that our football team saw this past year and Cam was a big part of it. No, he wasn’t the entire team. He had a great line to protect him and a defense that pulled them through some times of dire straights! I profess that I am not a hardcore football fan, but I love my Alma Mater and will always be “All In” just like the sign shows below says.

National Champs banner at Toomer's Corner

AU Family::All In
This was taken during ESPN College Game Day on the day we played Clemson. We had no idea what kind of team we really had at that point in the season.

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