81/365.2011 {Nature’s Pride}

I received a loaf of Nature’s Pride Hearty Wheat with Flax as part of the Foodbuzz Featured Publishers Program.

Made with Pure Olive Oil
22 Grams of Whole Grains per slice
100 calories per slice, see below for more nutrition info.
I thought this bread had a good taste. This bread would be great for sandwiches as it does not have an overwhelming flavor. Very “natural” as the package states. Nice texture. It does have the seeds in it, so if you’re not fond of that you may not enjoy this product. I know my boys complain when I buy bread with seeds or nuts in it. I like it, because it is a little different.

After I tried it plain, I spread Nutella on it. Did I tell you about my addiction to Nutella? Oh I love that stuff! Too bad it’s so expensive.





As part of the Foodbuzz Featured Publisher, I received Nature’s Pride to taste test and give my opinion about.

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2 Responses to 81/365.2011 {Nature’s Pride}

  1. Kent says:

    **Great Photos . . . Nutella yep love it too.

  2. Kristal says:

    Love nutella! Looks like a good bread but I seek out those with higher fiber content if I eat it at all.

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