Boring house selling timeline…

Tues., Oct. 10 – went and looked at house. We liked it a LOT!

Wed., Oct. 11 – went to Wells Fargo to see if we could even get loan. The answer was YES
So we called my dad who’s a broker to ask him for help. #1 priority now = sell our house!

Thurs., Oct. 12 – plan cleaning party for Saturday

Sat. & Sun. Oct. 13-14 – work on tails off cleaning. WOW!

Sun., Oct. 14 – put the sign in the yard

Mon., Oct. 15 – got calls from:
–realtor down the street and she dropped a folder off
–2 people wanting to know price (not in their price range)
We also added Info flyers to the sign.
Called Dad about drafting Intent letter for other house

Tues., Oct. 16 – bought ad to go in paper for the next month

Wed., Oct. 17 – ad was in paper – 1st day
1 phone call – will drive by and call later if interested (*keeping fingers crossed*)

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