Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve, I let the boys open one present each. TV Boy always knows what it is, but never says it out loud until he opens it. It’s always a Christmas-y set of pajamas. This year these pajamas proved to be quite a conundrum for me. I was happy to find Monkey Boy’s PJs early in my shopping adventures. I could never find TV Boy any PJs, so I ended up pullin’ my self out of bed very early on Christmas Eve morning to head out and find some for him. I went back to Target, where they had some cute ones but never had his size. I went back there hoping they perhaps had gotten another shipment, but to my dismay they had not. I took off to Kohl’s where I was very happy to find some cute snowboarding PJ’s in his size. ??? ???? ??? ????

About 6:15 that evening I realized time was getting away from me since I had spent several hours visiting with one of my neighbors. I went to wrap the PJs so the boys could unwrap them and put them on. ???? ????? As Rob was about to take the hanger off Monkey boy’s set he realized the hanger was labeled 5T while the box said 3T. I opened them and they were TINY! 🙁 I was NOT happy, of course. 1xbet casino So I started calling a few stores to see if by any chance they were still open. K-mart was actually going to be open until 10 so I raced off to see if they had anything. I managed to find some fairly cute Christmas-y pants and found a soft red shirt to match. So that was my pajama saga and ended up turning out ok. They ended up looking really cute for my pictures on Christmas Day.

Before opening their new PJs
Christmas 2008

Christmas Day
Christmas 2008

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