Fill in the Blank Fridays

1. This weekend I’m… going to relax, get some cleaning done, and just enjoy being with the fam.
2. My last vacation was… in May when we wen to Nashville for a soccer tourney.
3. My next vacation will be… in September when we go to Texas for me sister’s wedding.
4. My favorite way to relax is… just hang out by myself in my recliner and watch TV, surf the net, or read.
5. When vacationing one should always… ?????????? ???? ????? sleep in.
6. When vacationing one should never… worry about life back home.
7. The best part about a vacation is… getting away from it all.

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2 Responses to Fill in the Blank Fridays

  1. Bri says:

    i agree, one should always sleep in on vacation! ahh yes sleep 🙂

  2. sleeping in, getting away from it all and kicking back on a recliner… all sound REALLY
    good right now.

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