Kent-ography::Week 28


Kent-ography is a weekly tribute to my Dad, who lost his battle with ALS in December 2013. I wanted to feature some of his awesome photography, or as I like to call it “pics my Dad took.”

Today I am closing out this series of photos my Dad took. That’s not to say that they won’t make their way to the blog here and there. I’m still going through photos and I know my brother has pics that I don’t have.

My Dad’s 62nd birthday would have been this Sunday. I don’t have a grave site to visit. I still have his ashes sitting in the armoire in my bedroom. My heart breaks in selfishness, because he’s gone. However, my heart rejoices because of God’s grace knowing he didn’t have to suffer any longer with ALS.

I had the hardest time choosing which picture to use for my last Kent-ography post. I chose this picture because I’m comforted know that as my Dad crossed over to the other side and entered those gates of Heaven that he truly was riding off into the sunset. Maybe it looked something like this…

Kent-ography #28

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