Proverbs 31 Wife {Questions 6-10}

Here’s my next set of questions. If you missed my first post, you can find it here.

#6. How do you balance work and family?
I’m not sure if I am balancing work and family. With my current job, I leave to go to work when my kids are coming home from school. To me that doesn’t seem “balanced,” but I don’t have another option right now.
Share some tips that have worked for you.
When I worked “normal” hours, I balanced family and work by using the time the kids weren’t there to get everything done, so that in the later afternoons and evenings I could use that time for them (cooking, helping with homework, being a taxi driver, etc.)
Have you ever put your own desires on hold for your family? How has this made you feel?
Not really…

#7. Sara talks about the softness factor–when she’s kind to her husband, he seems to return that kindness to her. Has that been your experience? Why or Why not?
I can see how that would be true. At times, I’ve been able to see a reaction from Rob when I’m super sweet and lovey dovey.

#8. Sara mentions several times in the book the struggle she has with being identified with her work. What’s your view of work, whether in or out of the home?
My view of work? I’m not sure what she’s asking…I guess for me, I view work as a necessity. I love my job now, but I hate that my schedule takes me away from my kids.
How do you typically identify yourself? How do you think others identify you? How do you want to be identified?
I identify myself as a working mom, who does her best to be there any time I can. Even though, I work in the late afternoons and evenings, I try to take my dinner breaks when my kids have soccer games, etc and at least show up for a little while. I hope that my kids remember that I did my best to be there.

#9. Are there areas of your life you find yourself being selfish about? What are they?
I think sometimes, I feel selfish with all the time I spend on photography and blogging. Most of what I do (when it’s not for my business) is for my family and maybe that’s my excuse, but I enjoy having those memories to look back on.

#10. How are your and your husband’s personalities different? The same? How do they compliment each other?
Rob and I are different in so many ways, but we’re alike in ways as well. I think we compliment each other quite nicely. Sorry for the vague answer…I may come back and specify later…

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