Scavenger Hunt Sunday #4

I am in such a rut right now photography-wise. Blah! Part of it is I’m rushing right here at the deadline to get pics done. I want to be creative, but these last few weeks have been too dang hectic. This week isn’t lookin’ much better.

This weekend I pulled out a box of some of my old miniature toys. I think this is a miniature from Strawberry Shortcake? I like her smile. I tried to get a pic of one of my boys smiling over the weekend, but they weren’t too cooperative with what I was trying to do.

Stand Alone
This table and chairs used to live in my doll house. My Granddad bargained for these on one of our trips to Mexico.

Something Old
At work the other night, I went down to our “closed stacks” where only employees can go. I brought my camera and walked around looking for interesting things to take pics of. I also knew there were some really old books down there. Falling apart old from the 1800’s!

These artificial flowers are on a coworkers desk.

Repeating Patterns
Another item I found in closed stacks….I thought this was a good representation of repeating patterns. How long has it been since you’ve seen a card catalogue?

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6 Responses to Scavenger Hunt Sunday #4

  1. Ashley Sisk says:

    Love your angle on repeating patterns.

  2. sacha says:

    interest pictures 😀 great shot

  3. Wendy says:

    Love all your pictures and I can’t pick a favorite. I love your old books and the repeating patterns and gosh I love your stand alone! Great set of pictures.

  4. BF says:

    All of your shots are really great. I love the first one and the mini chair for the second. Ha

  5. Cedar says:

    I love the composition and clean background on the first shot! The little chair in focus against the backdrop of the others is perfect! And old books…ooh! Heaven! And to go into the “closed stacks;” what a treat!

  6. Sonishka says:

    Love those old books. My grandma had books like that inherited from long time ago. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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