Proverbs 31 Wife {Questions 26-30}

Here’s my next set of questions. If you missed my first post about being a Proverbs 31 Wife, you can find it here.
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#26. Sara struggles in identifying her role as wife, mom, career woman, and author. She juggles a lot of titles and tries to make sense of how they all work together. Have you ever struggled with titles you or someone else has put on you? How did it affect you?
I’m not sure I’ve ever been concerned with my “title.” People know I’m a “busy Mom” who works at the AU library. I used to also be called “teacher.”

#27. What are you passionate about? How does this fit in with your role as a wife?
I’m not sure I’m passionate about anything. I enjoy many things, but too much of any one thing tends to get to be a “chore.” That’s just the way I am.

#28. Have you ever experienced something wonderful and you worried how it might affect your spouse? Or your spouse did not share in your happiness or felt left out as a result? How did you handle it?
I can’t think of a time that I experienced something wonderful and I worried that it might affect Rob. I have had a time that I’ve been excited and “pumped” about something. Rob was totally in a bad mood, when I came home to tell him about it, he blew me off, and hurt my feelings. I think I handled it by leaving the room and staying away from him the rest of that night. Silent treatment.

#29. How much influence do you have when it comes to your home? What do you find yourself compromising on? What do you wish you didn’t have to compromise on?
I influence all major decisions. Rob and I discuss all major life decisions. As far as compromising, I’m easily convinced on somethings and Rob is good at helping me see his side of things. There are somethings I put my foot down on though. I don’t think I compromise on things that will upset me later.

#30. Have you ever struggled with working in a job outside the home and taking care of your family? Describe your situation. Have you ever been misunderstood by people you worked with, either in your job or as a wife and/or mom?
Sometimes I’m extremely envious of women who have husband’s that allow them to stay home. God doesn’t want us to have those feelings, so I try not to ponder on those thoughts when I have them. Like Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy!” It is so true. I’m not sure I’ve been misunderstood, at least not with people I care about.

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